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India is a country with a rich wildlife heritage with numerous species and organisms. Aside from many farms consisting of domestic animals like cow, buffaloes, sheep, chickens, goats and what not, it is also the home of Asiatic Lions, Clouded Leopards, Indochinese tigers, Indian Elephants, Snow Leopards and many more. The Sunderban National Park is also a Biosphere Reserve and is located in West Bengal. It lies on the borders of Sunderban Reserve Forests which is in Bangladesh.

What is so special about it?

Well, the fact that it is among the biggest reserves for Bengal Tigers is what makes it rare; and the natural beauty only adds to it. The experience is beautiful and certainly worth one’s time to visit this wonderful place.Sunderban Tour Packages from Kolkata is easily available to ensure that you explore and see most of nature’s magic with ease! If you are a lover of nature, then here are some of the reasons why you should visit Sundarban at least once in your life:


  1. The Royal Tigers of Bengal:
The main attraction of the national park is the Royal Bengal Tigers. The Tigers can be spotted from numerous watchtowers but only at certain times. Thus, a very few lucky people may get a lifetime experience of spotting one of these wild beauties. Walking amidst the lush green forest can be really relaxing!


  1.    The mysterious Sundari Mangrove Forests:
Did you know that the Sunderban forest is the biggest mangrove forest and is also stated as a World Heritage Site? Small and big rivers surround the entire territory that flows through Bangladesh and India. The mangroves of Sunderban provide shelter to many animals and plants. This forest has the power to leave you spellbound. The name of the national park is derived from the Sundari trees of this region.


  1.   Nature’s beauty at its best:
Apart from the very obvious reason that is the Bengal Tigers, Sunderban National Park has a lot more to it. The Bengal backwaters are so inviting— sailing along the narrow creeks in Sunderban. The soothing boat ride gives you the experience of your life and the exotic food; especially the fish of Bengal on board is just another memorable thing.


These are only a few of the specialities of this natural treasure. Do not worry if you fail to spot a Royal Bengal Tiger because every single crevice and every nook of Sunderban has a surprise to offer. The thing with this forest is that you will not have to seek for the wildlife but rather it will seek you! Sunderban Tour Package from Kolkata helps you to get the most out of your holiday on a reasonable budget it is a marvellous experience. People have shared innumerable stories about their trip to Sunderban and upon hearing them, anyone would want to go and check the place for him or herself.

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